Internal and External Shakeproof Washers

An external shakeproof washer is a tooth lock washer with pointed teeth all the way around the outer diameter. A round or pan head screw, or any screw with a larger head, works especially well with an external washer. The external teeth of these shakeproof washers hold to both sides as the nut is tightened. This creates friction and keeps the nut from coming loose and slipping off.

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Internal Tooth Lock Washer Or External Tooth Lock Washer?

Depending on the kind, tooth lock washers are constructed with tiny, sharp teeth created around the inner hole or outer diameter (O.D.). Internal tooth lock washers have teeth around the central hole, whereas external tooth lock washers have sharp teeth formed around the outside diameter. Both of these fasteners include a locking mechanism that engages when the teeth bite into the joint material, keeping the joint tight under pressure and vibration.

A combined tooth lock washer, also known as an external-internal tooth lock washer, combines both designs into a single fastener. This combination washer is commonly used in electrical applications, but it also works with over-sized holes.

Twisted Teeth Offer Greater Resistance

While traditional external and internal tooth lock washers feature sharp teeth designed to hold the joint material, some manufacturers also provide twisted teeth, ideal for a more vibration resistant joint.

When teeth twist as they compress into joint material, they naturally want to return to their original position once the pressure is removed. This movement actually strengthens the connection and makes the joint more vibration-resistant.

The twisted design also causes continual flex, which drives the washer further into the joint material during vibration. Whether you employ an internal or external tooth lock washer, investing in items with twisted teeth increases resistance to loosening and generates a stronger, more trustworthy joint.

Washers With Teeth

When it comes to securing bolts and nuts, precision and reliability are of utmost importance. That’s where “Washers With Teeth” come into play, revolutionising the world of fastening solutions. These innovative washers, equipped with specially designed teeth or serrations, offer a range of benefits across various industries.

Enhanced Grip: The teeth on these washers provide an enhanced grip, preventing loosening due to vibration or other external forces. This added friction ensures that your fasteners stay securely in place, reducing the need for frequent re-tightening.

Anti-Vibration: In applications where vibration is a concern, such as automotive and heavy machinery, Washers With Teeth excel. They act as shock absorbers, reducing the impact of vibrations on fastened joints, ultimately extending the lifespan of components.

Reduced Slippage: Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing, or any other industry, Washers With Teeth minimise the risk of slippage, maintaining the integrity of your assemblies even in high-stress environments.

Versatile Applications: These washers are versatile, finding their place in industries ranging from aerospace to agriculture, where secure fastening is non-negotiable.

Cost-Effective: By preventing the need for frequent maintenance and replacements, Washers With Teeth prove to be a cost-effective choice in the long run.


The Vital Role of Shakeproof Washers

Shakeproof washers play a vital role in securing a bolt head, screws, and other fasteners in place in a range of industry sectors, preventing them from loosening due to vibrations. These specially designed washers click into position, creating tension and friction to keep the fasteners securely in place. By incorporating shakeproof washers into your assembly, you can enhance the reliability and safety of your structures and equipment.

During installation, it’s as simple as positioning the shakeproof washer between the fastener and the surface you’re fastening. This easy installation process ensures a quick and hassle-free assembly, saving you time and effort.

With the incorporation of shakeproof washers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your bolt heads, screws, and other fasteners will remain securely in place, even in high-vibration environments. Say goodbye to loose fasteners and the potential risks they pose. Invest in shakeproof washers to bolster the stability, safety, and longevity of your assemblies.

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