Pal Nuts

If you’re looking for one-piece fasteners that are engineered to be lightweight, GSS Fasteners has you covered! Pal nuts are a great option if you’re looking for something that is easy to use and functional for a variety of uses, and our team are experts when it comes to supplying you with exactly the kind you need for a reasonable price. Get in touch with GSS Fasteners today to find out about our pal nut stock!

Available both in both push-on fasteners and stamped nuts, pal nuts are a great replacement for traditional hex nuts and are the ideal option for projects or applications that require a lower torque. Here at GSS Fasteners, we are suppliers of high quality fasteners, including pal nuts that are made from industry standard materials to guarantee longevity and durability for your project, so don’t hang about! If you want self locking counter nuts at a steal of a price, make sure GSS Fasteners is your first call!

What Types of Pal Nut Are Available?

When it comes to choosing the type of pal nut fastener you require for your project, there are a couple to choose from and each offer their own unique benefits. Nevertheless, both types create a secure fastening that is lower in cost and easier to use than traditional screws, welding, and bolts. The two types of pal nuts are:

Push On Pal Nut Fastener

These pal nuts work by using their ‘teeth’ on the interior to bite onto the material they are pushed onto. This gives them maximum holding strength with minimal force required to push them on.

All of these pal nuts are a product that are self locking and accommodate a wide range of stud variants – though the retention and insertion depends on the studs material and the density of the part it is being pushed onto.

Stamped Pal Nuts

With options available that are both threaded and self-threading, stamped pal nuts have a few benefits for different types of projects. To start, threaded stamped pal nuts use the Hex Lock Nut and the Lock Nut Washer, with the former being ideal for projects where screw length is restricted, while the latter has an integral washer that removes the necessity for a separate washer, which can get lost very easily and grind a project to a halt.

If you would like more information about these two pal nut options, our team at GSS Fasteners are happy to assist. Get in touch today for information on our stock items, as well as how to arrange special orders for your projects.

The Benefits of Pal Nuts

No matter what you’re working on, we’re sure you’ll find some use for the stainless steel pal nuts we here at GSS Fasteners have to offer. From electronics to garden utilisation, pal nuts are highly versatile for many different industry sectors and provide a range of benefits, including:

Low Cost:

As pal nuts don’t require additional tools or equipment to use, they are a drastically cheaper option than other fastening solutions on the market. This is especially noticeable when compared to the cost of welding, particularly on larger projects.

Fast Application:

Being extremely easy to implement into your projects as a reliable fastener, pal nuts provide a faster application than the standard nut in your tool kit. Simply click into place for a secure hold that will last for a long time.

Space Saving:

Pal nuts being ideal for use without tools means that they save a lot of space in your tool box, ideal for projects where lugging an overfilled tool kit would present health or safety hazards in the workplace or home.

Why Choose GSS Fasteners for Pal Nuts?

Here at GSS Fasteners, we have years of experience providing a range of outstanding fasteners to our customers across the UK. Whether you have ordered with us before, or this is your first time with us, we can guarantee that you’ll be more than satisfied with the high quality fasteners we have available, which includes pal nuts, taper washers, square plate washers, penny washers, structural nuts, internal and external shakeproof washers, imperial bolts, imperial nuts, and shear nuts in a variety of sizes – perfect for any project. We even provide a range of fixings and fasteners for special orders

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are pal nuts?

Pal nuts are fastening components designed to secure threaded objects in place. They feature protruding flanges that provide additional support and prevent loosening.

How are pal nuts manufactured and what materials are used?

Pal nuts are manufactured using various processes such as stamping or machining. They are commonly made from materials like steel or brass, known for their strength and durability.

Can pal nuts be purchased in different quantities?

Yes, pal nuts are available in a range of quantities to meet different needs. Whether you require a small quantity for a DIY project or a bulk order for industrial purposes, you can find pal nuts to suit your requirements.

How are pal nuts tightened onto threaded objects?

Pal nuts are typically tightened by hand or with the help of a suitable tool. They are designed to grip a thread tightly, providing a secure hold and preventing unintended loosening.

Are pal nuts registered with any industry standards?

Pal nuts may conform to certain industry standards depending on their specific application and intended use. It is advisable to check with the manufacturer or supplier to ensure compliance with relevant standards for your particular requirements.