A 21st century supplier for 21st century projects

The highly skilled workforce at our sister company – RCF Bolt & Nut – can create custom components to suit your specific application. They fuse traditional craftsmanship with modern supply chain agility to deliver bespoke components to some of the world’s largest infrastructure projects.

Get in touch with our client services team if you need bespoke or non-standard items.


RCF manufacture their own tooling to optimise the efficiency of our operation, minimise costs and maintain the level of precision demanded by our customers. The tool room houses a large range of existing tooling and a comprehensive range of machining equipment.


With an extensive range of equipment and a team of skilled operators, RCF can manufacture fasteners to precise tolerances in small or large run batches. They hold a comprehensive selection of blank bolts, ready for cutting, turning and threading to your specific needs.


All Steel is European origin, the Alloy Steel is sourced via Fundia in Sweden. Raw materials are forged using one of our range of hydraulic hammers & presses. Since each fastener is individually forged we achieve a superior level of quality on every product.