Square Head Coachscrews

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When it comes to building decks, balconies, and other structures that require heavy timbers to be joined together, square head coach screws are the ideal solution for a longer lasting finish. These large wood screws are designed to securely fasten heavy timbers and other large pieces of wood together, making them an essential tool for any construction project. They are widely available in different brands and finishes, including self-colour, galvanised or stainless steel.

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Why Use Square Head Coachscrews?

There are a variety of ways these coach screws offer assistance to your project. In addition to being highly durable and strong, these are some of the key features of the square head coach screws:

Unique Design

One of the key features of square head coach screws is their square or hexagonal head. This unique design allows the screws to be driven in with a wrench or socket, making installation a breeze. The head of the screw also provides a large surface area for the wrench to grip, making it easy to apply the necessary torque to secure the timbers. The galvanised coating will also prevent oxidation of the protected metal.

Thread Design

Another important feature of coach screws is the thread design. The threads are longer and coarser than those of traditional wood screws, which allows them to grip tightly into wood and hold heavy loads. This makes them perfect for attaching decks and balconies to houses, securing beams to posts, and attaching heavy timbers to walls. Also, they can be used for masonry projects and attaching heavy metal work to walls.

Easy to Remove

An added benefit of coach screws is that they can be removed if necessary. Since the head is square or hexagonal it can be easily undone if something needs to be readjusted or removed.

Choosing the Right Coach Screws

When choosing coach screws for your project, it’s important to select the right size and length for the job. For example, a 6-inch coach screw is ideal for attaching 2×6 or 2×8 timbers, while a 8-inch coach screw is better suited for attaching 4×6 or 4×8 timbers.

Additionally, it’s important to select screws with the appropriate thread size and pitch for the thickness and density of the wood you’re working with. Many stock sizes are available in any shop, if not, you can always add them to your order.

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